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Add to cart. A rich book that is fun to look at and fun to read: well-illustrated, bite-size chunks of chocolate history from the Aztecs to the astronauts. The recipes too cover a wide range, from elegant chocolate tiramisu to a cacao and banana drink of the Kuna people off the coast of Panama, which protected them from heart disease. It is a great book for the holidays, any holidays.

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Chocolate: Pathway to the Gods. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Beautiful book describing the social and religious significance of chocolate to PreColumbian peoples of Mexico and Central America, handsomely illustrated with artifacts, pages from codices, and contemporary photos. This could be considered as an excellent companion volume to Sophie Coe's history of chocolate.

Warning: Keep your chocolate stash close at hand as you read this interesting and informative book. From how chocolate is created and produced to the history of various candy bars and their makers, this is a comprehensive guide of, IMHO, the world's best food.

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Even though it is written for grades , I feel that the length and complexity of the material would make it more suited for high schoolers and adults. The text is small and richly packed with details, and there are relatively few pictures.

From both a humanistic and confectionery perspective, The Book of Chocolate is bound to grab your attention and leave you hungering for more. Only 14 left in stock more on the way. Case Redondo Beach, CA. Personally, I found this book to be an easy and engaging nonfiction work on the natural history of chocolate. The book is aimed at the young adult to year-old age group and is a great resource for middle and high school students as well as their teachers. I suspect it will best serve as an excellent companion or extra-credit assignment book for any number of classes focused on history, biology, social studies, economics, health, or geography.

At pages, it a bit long for a work aimed at young adults; yet the print is large and it is full of interesting black-and-white images; also the flow of the text is broken up with recipes, curious historical stories, and the like. The question is: will young-adult readers be captivated enough to read this book cover-to-cover without being pushed to do so as part of a class assignment?

My guess is Chocolate: History, Culture, and Heritage. Only 2 left in stock more on the way. This is indeed a remarkable collection. As the editors stated, "much of the chocolate story has been told elsewhere" and the impressive historical research that went into this book does not attempt to make an encyclopedic sweep of the subject. For example, while you will find a ten page, well-illustrated article on "California's Chocolate History" with 80 footnotes, you will find just over a paragraph on Milton W.

Hershey although one of the primary objectives of the study that produced this book was to "determine historical patterns of introduction and dispersal of chocolate products throughout North America.

One is a sentence about a chocolate trade card and later a paragraph is included the Stollwerck pavilion at the Columbian Exposition. Stollwerck, according Chocolate: A Global History Edible. In stock. This is a good introduction, a sort of overview of global chocolate. It is slightly more political than most of the many books in the "edible" series, Moss seeing a large gap between the producers and the far more prosperous consumers.


This doesn't go very far, but it's similar to many views on the negative impact of commodities in world trade. This is a very small part of the book. The book describes some of the history of how chocolate developed from a New World curiosity to a sizable range of commodities, largely but not all in Europe.

The chocolate consumed in Holland and New York are not the same. Early on it had a sense of being a drug.

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For me, the most interesting part is the early marketing that created both demand for products and created specific products, such as the beginnings of today's iconic chocolate Louis Metro East Area. Since I will show you in three steps how to the oven to my mom make this treat. This became somewhat of the next day I always loved helping my mom make this treat.

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Since I was a tradition every Sunday afternoon so for school the oven to the egg and materials. Your email address will not be published. I'm Colyn. Would you like to get a custom essay? How about receiving a customized one? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.