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I'd argue that if a mother knows she won't be able to provide for her child, it's actually more responsible to have an abortion, and in doing so prevent a whole lot of undue suffering and misery. But let's look at this argument a bit further.

If you think getting an abortion is "avoiding responsibility," that implies that it's a woman's responsibility to bear a child if she chooses to have sex. That sounds suspiciously like you're dictating what a woman's role and purpose is, and a lot less like you're making an argument about the life of a child. Common Reply : No, because women can practice safe sex and avoid getting pregnant. If she refuses to use contraception and gets pregnant as a result, that's her fault, and her responsibility. Your Rebuttal: Not everyone has easy access to contraception , nor does everyone have a good enough sex education class to know how to use it or where to obtain it.

But let's just suppose, for the sake of argument, that everyone had access to free contraception and knew how to use it correctly. Presumably, you oppose abortions even in cases where contraception fails and it does sometimes fail, even when used perfectly. If that's true, you're saying that, by merely choosing to have sex — with or without a condom — a woman becomes responsible for having a child. And that's a belief that has everything to do with judging a woman's behavior, and nothing to do with the value of life. The Pro-Choice Argument: Why only in those cases? Are the lives of children who were conceived by rape worth less than the lives of children who were willfully conceived?

If preserving the life of the child takes primacy over the desires of the mother — which is what you're saying if you if you oppose any legal abortions — then it shouldn't matter how that life was conceived. Common Argument 4: "If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. Your Response: Go home, Todd Akin , you're drunk.

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The Pro-Choice Argument: This implies that the only reason a woman would want to get an abortion is to avoid raising a child, and that isn't the case. Giving birth is dangerous, too: In the United States, pregnancy complications are the sixth most common cause of death for women between the ages of 20 and Even before birth, there are costs to pregnancy.

In addition to the whole "carrying another human being around in your stomach for nine months" thing, many women, particularly teens, are shunned and shamed for their pregnancies — not only by friends, families, employers, and classmates, but also by advertisements in the subway. There's also the risk of violent retribution from abusive partners and parents. In short, there are a lot of reasons a woman might seek an abortion. Adoption doesn't address all of them. The Pro-Choice Argument: Do you have evidence of this?

Considering that contraceptives are cheaper, easier, less painful, less time-consuming, less emotionally taxing, and more readily available than abortions, it seems odd to suggest that women who've already decided to use birth control would select abortion as their preferred method. It's more likely the opposite: Historical and contemporary data suggests that women will seek abortions regardless of whether or not they're legal, but that when birth control and contraceptives are more widely accessible, abortion rates go down.

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The Pro-Choice Argument: When performed by trained professionals, abortions are one of the safest procedures in medicine, with a death rate of less than 0. The risk of dying while giving birth is roughly 13 times higher. Abortions performed by people without the requisite skills and training, however, are extremely unsafe. If you'd like to examine the health impact of banning abortion, consider Romania, which banned abortions in That policy remained in place for about 23 years, during which time over 9, women died from unsafe abortions , and countless others were permanently injured.

That's around two women dying every day. When the policy was reversed, maternal mortality rate plummeted to one-eighth of what it was at its peak under the no-abortion policy.

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Abortions and maternal death rates in Romania, Image credit: BMJ Group. The negative health effects of prohibiting abortion don't end with the mothers. Romania's abortion ban sparked a nationwide orphan crisis, as roughly , unwanted newborns were placed in nightmarish state-run orphanages. Many of those orphans now suffer from severe mental and physical health problems, including reduced brain size, schizoaffective disorder, and sociopathy.

Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade ruled abortion legal, this case balanced the life of a fetus and how the choice of terminating, should be the privacy of the mother Wade, Fetus]. Abortion is the action of ending a pregnancy by the deportation of a fetus from the uterus. Abortion has been legal in the United States since There are incompatible considerations on when human life is established, what the government can and cannot do, and the independence a woman has over her own body.

There are two different views on abortion, pro-life and pro-choice. The argument between pro-life and pro-choice has been going on indefinitely.

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Strong Essays words 2. Do you think abortion is right. Many people have been asking this question for years now and it has been a heated argument amongst citizens, religions, and political activists all across the world. The people also think the line between murder and abortion is blurred since the child is not technically born yet Out of numerous controversial subjects, the topic of abortion has made its way up the list of most talked about.

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Among the controversy, two sides have formed. One side is known as pro-life and the other pro-choice. Pro-life supporters state that life beings at the moment of conception and believe that the unborn baby has the same rights as its mother Pro- choice.

The right to life

Abortion has become a very hot topic within the last few years. See why there is so much controversy. Most pro- life supporters believe that abortion is not only immoral but murder because someone is killing an innocent human being which is why abortion should be illegal. While pro-choice believe the complete opposite about abortion and it should stay legal Wade, Birth control]. Many do not know what abortion is, why people choose to get abortions, the different between pro-life and pro-choice, and the laws in place of abortion. The decision to have an abortion is a personal choice and responsibility of the woman.

Here are several definitions of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice to help to better understand the difference Wade, Pregnancy, Birth control]. Many do not realize what abortion is, rates of abortion matter when legal or not, decisions to get abortions, history of abortion, the different between pro-life and pro-choice, facts and statistics of abortion and the laws in place of abortion. Here are several definitions of Pro-Life and Pro-Choice to help with improved understanding the difference Wade, Pregnancy, Abortion law].

The ethical dilemma of abortion is dealing with the fact on whether it is morally right to terminate a pregnancy while thinking about the moral status of the fetus and the rights of a woman over her body.

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Wade, Human rights]. It has been and is always a controversial topic. Pro-life and pro-choice, two groups have been formed due to controversies on abortion.

Pro-life people believe that the abortion is a murder of a living child and they completely deny the right to abort the baby. They believe that the unborn child has a right and deserves to live as a normal life Better Essays words 2 pages Preview. Abortion is a pretty cut and dry topic; you are either Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.

Powerful Essays words 4 pages Preview. The economy today, most civilians are in poverty and slowly increasing; realistically people now find it difficult to support themselves.

Pro Life And Pro Choice Essay

As most Americans know, we are currently in a recession meaning us Americans are in a financial bind making living expenses more complex to get In this argument, pro-choice is the answer. Abortion has been practiced legally in the United States until There are two groups that affiliate with abortion and it 's the pro-choice and pro-life.

A couple arguments that are made with pro-choice is that it is the woman 's body and it is their choice to what they want done to their body. For pro-choice another argument they have is that a fetuses life doesn 't start until after the baby is born and can survive on their own. There are many other arguments made with pro-choice as well. As pro-life, many of their arguments are if a woman falls pregnant, they should live with the decision they made when they had sex and they should take full responsibility for it In the book How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America : Freedom, Politics, and the War on Sex Christina , Page talks about abortion and all other topics that go hand in hand with it such as sex and contraception to evaluate their effect on the American culture in the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries Abortion is when a women choose to terminate the fetus that is inside of her before 6 months of her pregnancy.

This operation is usually performed by a doctor that can handle the procedure.

Abortion as a Right: Arguments For Pro-Choice

Abortion has been around for a long time that you would think by now that everybody would have the same opinion on it. It was not until the 20th century that American states decided to banned abortion; it 's thanks to Roe V These reasons for abortion cases include rape or incest, inconvenience, health problems to either the infant or the mother, and being finically unstable. But, do these reasons justify the right or wrongness of abortions. The utilitarianism theory states that under certain circumstances that it is morally justified to have an abortion; the circumstances have to produce the overall greatest happiness for the most amount of people Better Essays words 5.

Where this agreement usually ends, however, is in the question of whether or not abortion is a fundamental right granted to women by the Constitution Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. From their viewpoint, they believe that what should be legal in the eyes of the government is contraception use, celibacy, abstinence, and abortion for the first two trimesters of pregnancy Wade, Abortion].