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All in all, The Absolved is an interesting exploration of looming problems and those we already face—the perils of automation and dangers of an unequal society. Wherever you fall on UBI and universal healthcare, it provides much to contemplate. But the book does have problems. His protagonist is hopelessly sexist, his fantasies a cross between Ernest Hemingway and Henry Miller, and his observations about men and women are disturbingly retrograde.

For example, Henri remarks early in the book:. Although Binder creates an unusual female character who is extremely powerful and ruthless, undeterred by sentiment, he also turns her into a male fantasy, a gorgeous goddess with an unparalleled sex drive who seduces men and women alike and is always dressed to the nines. When Henri asks her to help his lover and introduces the two women, he spends an afternoon in a rage, imagining them having sex and laughing at him.

Binder seems to intend this effect. Despite the obstacle of not being a minority or a woman, Binder does get a book deal after all, which renders his essay a little absurd and unseemly and makes it impossible not to wonder if he, too, lacks an understanding of his advantages. Binder is a clean, clear writer who is occasionally amusing, often offers keen insights, and certainly raises many interesting and important questions about the future.

Skip to navigation Skip to content. Henri offers this cautionary tale as an example: For years, as different professions became obsolete, I always said that being freed from the burden of work would be a blessing.

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The authenticity of the film has been questioned by some critics, who allege that it is an elaborate fraud. The filmmakers have consistently denied this allegation. Roger Ebert , film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times , initially said he found the documentary "faintly fishy", but after meeting the filmmakers subsequently wrote that he was "convinced of its truthfulness". And indeed, every physician that has treated him is also convinced that this has happened to him.

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Unknown White Male Promotional poster. This article may be unbalanced towards certain viewpoints. This is a great place to start well done. Which is why your metaphor is such an awesome way to describe privilege. In most cases the bitterness that may infuse the word privilege is directed at the lottery itself, not its winners, and that can be confusing since the privilege itself is indeed ascribe to the winners. Sorry I used the word privilege four times technically five now and, strictly speaking, did not follow your admonishment. If you decide that my comment does not add anything constructive to the debate, or is otherwise off-topic, I accept the business end of the Mallet without protest.

Spot on post, etc. I find it humerous that some SWM here question what we should do with our privaleged setting. When female admins dress up for work they are criticized for using their looks to get ahead. When minority males dress up for work people think they have job interviews or something going on after work. But here are some of the things he does that do help the overall situation:.

And I HAVE heard him quietly, tactfully — sometimes even silently, but nonetheless effectively making it clear he disapproves when others make that kind of comment. And sometimes he desperately wants a break. Me too. On a concrete level, that means extra childcare and housework sometimes, so that I can do this work, with less videogame playing for him.


And my writing about sex, and being openly poly and bi, all of which could cost him, career-wise and society-wise. For example, when our daughter was an infant, he had to go to a talk at the same time I was taking a class. He could have stayed home and skipped the talk, which would have been less socially awkward, but instead, he put her in the Bjorn and went to the lecture, figuring she would either sleep through it, disturbing no one, or if she woke up and got fussy, he could step out.

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He did that specifically because he knew there were women in the department who had this situation come up often, and he knew that if he, a man and one more senior in the field , modeled this as professionally acceptable behavior, it would make life and work easier for the women. A lot of these instances are very specific to our lives. But maybe they serve as a model for the kinds of ways a SWM can commit to social justice, on a daily and personal level, without taking up a life of activism.

And of course, if you want to do more, you can be like John, and start this kind of conversation in your own communities, dedicating a goodly portion of your day days to managing it and keeping it civil. Vote, in every election, and do volunteer work on behalf of candidates that you support. Hold signs in the rain and go door to door with voter registration forms. Go to City Council meetings, read the minutes, and write letters.

Instead of surfing the web, write to your Reps and Senators, county council-members. Pick a cause and send your political representatives a letter or email a day for a year, on a rotating roster. They are not hard to find; such business promote those standards proudly.

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Recycle and reuse. Volunteer at a food bank, shelter, or Adult Training program. Oh, this is perfect. And I note that there is -still- a lot of going on in the comments, even on points that you made abundantly clear in the original post.

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Le sigh. There are none so blind as those who will not see….

You may be upset when somebody disparages the challenges you experience in the game because your base setting is easier to begin with. You can 1. HELP them, when possible. Fortunately, there are a lot of other ways to help. If you see another player in a potentially difficult PVP situation against town guards, say, who may be corrupt , just bring your easy mode on over and hang around. Pay attention. Write down names. Learn to be aware of your White Straight Guy aura.

Learn to see how it changes the behaviors of other people. Truly, honestly, just paying attention, listening, and understanding is a huge step forward in using your Easy Mode Aura to -help- others, instead of using it to brute force your way through the game at the expense of all the other players. From the article: Imagine life here in the US — or indeed, pretty much anywhere in the Western world.

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Take over an existing country filled with non-white natives by eliminating, relocating, and shaming them, in order to repopulate it with SWMs. I think this idea, more than any other, is the problem with why there can be so little effective communication around this. Anecdotal case in point. It came hard earned, but it often acts as a cheat code in interactions.

As a cop, my Hard difficulty level is often negated. If I get into a fight, my word will be believed. If I need a lawyer, the union of my fellow cops will likely find one for me. I do not run as high a risk as others of going to jail for a mistake. If I want to stop being a cop and look for a different job, when I am interviewing, people are more likely to hire me.

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This means I am likely, on average, to lead a comfortable life. In the things that are not zero-sum, I would like everyone to have them. Though the arguments here are all about SWM, following that chain of logic, it would seem that many here would argue that it is my moral duty to put aside my cheat code, because not everyone can have one.

What does that world look like? How expensive is that world? John, in a thread as long as this, a convenient way to navigate is often to scroll down to the next green post and then see what it was replying to, since, hopefully, the author of the post is motivated to seek out the most insightful comments and respond to them. Unfortunately, this methodology did not work well for me here, since you seem, despite your admonitions against troll feeding, only interested in responding to the trolls. This is why race is dumb and should be ignored. Anything beyond your control should be beyond notice.

Original post: Indoor cats have an easier time of it than cats who live their whole lives outside. Commenter A: As an indoor cat, I get my tail pulled by the three-year-old. How dare you say my life is easy! Commenter C: That might have been true in the past, but now all of the indoor cats are choosing to give up and get themselves fixed.

Why do you keep marking your own kind with a pungent spray of guilt and loathing? Commenter D: I know this one dude who taped bacon to his cat. You see? Indoor cats have it just as rough as the outdoor cats…. False dichotomy in my opinion. This is so very well said. I was speaking for myself — Mrs. Ironwood and I waited until our late 20s-early 30s. Like all too many Beta dudes out there, he believed that if he made proper atonement for his Lowest Difficult Setting while doing what his wife told him and being properly contrite for his gender and race, then people and his wife would Like Him more.

I overheard her complaining, during the depths of the divorce, that he had never been really committed to their ideals, and that he was incapable of ever doing so based on his background — despite the fact she came from a more privileged background than he. He was a dude. He was expendable. Sure, it was a massive rationalization on her role in the relationship, but no one got hurt, so it was okay.