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Readers will have to use their imagination to describe Adam's attire. However, answers should mention that he is wearing his father's white cap. Descriptions of Adam's appearance should also reflect the fact that he has been traveling in a boxcar and has not had much to eat or drink. One reason these other characters might think Adam is going to Manzanar — other than that he tells them — is that there is not much in the area besides the relocation camp. Think back to Adam's first day of school in Bakersfield.

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Imagine you are in Adam's class. What would you say to him to make him feel welcome? What would you ask him about his experiences? Answers will vary but should convey a basic understanding of Adam's circumstances — that he has come to Bakersfield from Hawaii — and a basic understanding of important events, specifically, the attack on Pearl Harbor. Readers should grasp that students in Adam's class would be curious about his experiences associated with that event.

Do you support this decision? What would you have done if you were Adam? On page , Adam says that he thinks his father would want him to go. Then, on page , Adam comes to a realization that he will never be his father and that he has to live his own life. Adams decides he wants to stay with his mother and Bea and is comfortable with the decision. Answers to the second and third parts of the question will vary.

Readers should demonstrate an understanding that Grandpa Pelko needs help on the farm and that Adam feel his mother and Bea need him at home. What does Mr. Mori give to Adam? What does this gift symbolize? Why do you think this gift was so important to Adam? On page , Mr. Mori gives Adam a polished stone. Davi explains his father thinks it is "a piece of the mountain. The gift is a symbol of thanks from Mr. Mori, who Davi explains is grateful to Adam for "coming here [Manzanar], for caring about my family.

A BOY AT WAR by Harry Mazer | Kirkus Reviews

Describe the scene at the Hotel Royale in Chapter Who does Adam speak to at the hotel? Based on what you learned in the story and in the author's note at the end of the book, what do you think had happened in Chinatown since the attack on Pearl Harbor? At the Hotel Royale, Adam finds three men playing cards and speaking unsympathetically about Japanese Americans. Mori, before Mr.

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Mori was relocated by the Army. In addition to information in the author's note, readers should also infer from other scenes that Japanese Americans were taken away by the Army with little time to pack many belongings. Readers might reference a conversation between two people who give Adam a ride into Fresno pp. Choose one female character from the story and one male character from the story.

Compare and contrast each character's contribution to the war effort. What contribution would you have made to the war effort?

50 Best Books for Boys and Young Men

Possible characters to compare and contrast include Adam, who helps his friend Davi's family; Bea, who collects tin; Adam's mother, who goes to work in a munitions factory; Adam's father, who died on the Arizona; and Woody, who avoided service and hoped to use the war as an opportunity to make money while the other men were gone. Readers should feel free to answer the second question any way they choose, as long as the answer is plausible, given the reader's age, etc.

Boy at War Chapter 3

Look for answers that reference specific contributions that young people made during the war. Re-read the author's description of the Home Front on pages — A Boy at War is a historical fiction novel by Harry Mazer.

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It is the first part of a trilogy focusing on the life of Adam Pelko as he is involved in key moments in 20th century American war history. As the book opens, Adam has recently moved to Hawaii with his family and is attending a new school. His father is in the Navy, and this is the first time that Adam gets to go to a normal high school instead of a military one.

He struggles to make friends since the locals are suspicious of military kids, but does manage to befriend two boys in his year. By the time this happens, however, Adam has already arranged to meet Davi and Martin to go fishing on Sunday. The boys head out to the base at Pearl Harbor on their bikes and slip under a fence.

At first, they fish on land, but when they see a rowboat they decide to take it out into the water. At first, the boys assume they have been caught in a drill or even that they are on a film set, but Adam eventually realizes that the planes are Japanese and that the American base is under attack. Adam suddenly notices that Davi appears to be cheering, or waving at the planes.