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Research publications have become an essential component of an academic promotion, research grants, innovative ideas, institutional growth, and eventually the economic and country development. Because of the lack of knowledge of similarity and plagiarism and for achieving an additional professional targets scientific misconduct has been slinked in the academic institutes.

Institutional pressure to publish, inappropriate training in principled scientific writing, ignorance, misunderstanding, and lack of constitutional controls and clear policies to deal with scientific misconduct in academics have led to increase research misconduct. Turnitin tool checks the contents of any documents for its association with original contents. It identifies the similarities to existing sources of the original contents of the documents.

Its prime role is to evade the plagiarism and improve the integrity of the academic institutions. High morals are equally important in medical and other disciplines. In biomedical research, ethics are very important where the element human is involved. Plagiarism is the presentation of the thoughts or work of another under own name,[ 5 ] whereas citing the titles of papers will be detected as a similarity such as book titles or bibliographies, references and quotes, common phrases and constructs, etc.

Some well-known kinds of plagiarism are briefly defined in the Table 1. The researchers and students frequently visit the various search engines as research tools and think cutting and pasting as an easy way of conducting the research. In general, plagiarism is not intentional or deliberate cheating, e. It is necessary to cite and acknowledge the sources even if those ideas are paraphrased and re-written with different words. Therefore, it creates a space between skills of the individuals and expectations of the institutions. Plagiarism detection is an academic judgment, which is depending on plenty of factors, and only expert academicians can do this job.

Before creating the originality reports, bibliography, quoted material, and small matches words or percentage should be excluded. The interpretation of originality reports can be tricky depending on the expertise of the team member. For example, is it extracted from one source or gathered many small portions from different sources?

It is also relevant to see that all the matching portions are correctly cited to display the source. If it is verified that the matched source is your own paper itself, then this paper should be excluded from the originality report using given options. Using this option will not save the papers submitted to Turnitin database.

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The Table 3 presents various features of originality report, whereas Table 4 illustrates the color scheme with respect to percentages of similarity index. There are no sharply defined rules as all work will perhaps carry certain words from other sources. Academic judgment human intervention is must to evaluate the originality report and to rule out the true plagiarism, if persists. The originality reports are solely tools to uncover potential sources of plagiarism or text, which could have been erroneously cited.

There are a large number of uses for the Turnitin tool. If plagiarism suspected, better to discuss with concerned student, researcher, or faculty member first because researcher could be the victim of someone. Be a smart enough to look at the report and decide what is going on here? A hotchpotch of tips to avoid plagiarism is described in the Table 5. It is essential to understand the difference between two elements — Similarity and Plagiarism. An example is incorporated to understand this dilemma. It is obvious from the Figure 1 that there are many words, abbreviations, names of the tests, diseases etc.

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Clanton[ 14 ] argues that unless academic dishonesty is reasonably suspected, it is ethically problematic to necessitate submission through plagiarism detection services such as Turnitin because of multiple reasons. The plagiarism detection tools cannot identify each and every occurrence of plagiarism because their databases are not complete,[ 15 , 16 ] but these tools are increasing their capability for detecting and deterring plagiarism. Scientific integrity is the main concern of the global research community.

That is why many plagiarism prevention tools are introduced for the ease of researchers to check the originality of their work before publishing the document s. Many ethical committees and code of ethics have been introduced to avoid plagiarism and deal with misconduct cases at institutional levels. Various universities and research institutes have established their rules and regulations to avoid the plagiarism and misconduct issues.

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Plagiarism prevention is essential to appropriately admit to the contributions and scientific inventions introduced by other persons. Honoring and crediting individual work who really deserve rather than misleading the persons who read it to wrongly consider that the work belongs to another individual. To avoid misconducts and its consequences, one should acknowledge the work of other persons appropriately by properly referencing and citing it.

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Abstract The institutional integrity constitutes the bases of scientific activity. Key words: Plagiarism, similarity index, Turnitin. Introduction The mechanism of broadcasting the scientific knowledge has experienced paradigm shift. Open in a separate window. Table 2 Why do researchers plagiarise? Table 3 Originality report. Table 4 Interpreting results according to the originality report. Safe percentages There are no sharply defined rules as all work will perhaps carry certain words from other sources.

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Table 5 Ten tips to avoid the plagiarism using the Turnitin tool. Enables to acknowledge the original sources including idea, text, and diagrams. Teach how to use quotation marks where needed Keeps the sources in correct context Educates the abilities of summarizing and paraphrasing Educate skills of critical analysis and interpretation Educate skills of referencing and citation Properly acknowledge and cite the original reference Monitor, detect, and respond to incidences of possible plagiarism.

Figure 1. I am wondering whether references should be also checked for plagiarism.


If I do a plagiarism check for only the main body of the paper, what percent similarity is considered as plagiarism? And if I do a plagiarism check, including references, what percent similarity is considered as plagiarism? Asked on 25 Jan, References are usually excluded from automated plagiarism checks, as they would naturally throw up a very high percent similarity in the results. While references are always excluded, there's no universally accepted guideline as to what percent similarity is considered plagiarism.

This varies from journal to journal, depending on the field of study and the nature of the content. This seems to be the general consensus as per a survey of journal editors, published in However, most journal editors supplement the results received from plagiarism check software with a manual check and human discretion. Many journals also exclude the methods section from plagiarism check as the language used in this section is quite standard and repetitive by nature. More importantly, ensure that entire sentences or chunks of text are not highlighted by the software, and that appropriate references have been cited for all highlighted parts.

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